So, you’ve got a great idea for FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS action figures, gym socks or a clever T-shirt design based on the film… Thank you for coming here first rather than simply bootlegging merchandise, stealing our intellectual property and ending up on the wrong end of a lawsuit. We’d much rather meet you at a convention as partners and friends instead of serving you with a cease and desist order and seizing your bootleg merchandise. While merchandising has been around a long time, there has been a resurgence of cross promotion and product placement since E.T. enjoyed some Reese's Pieces candy in the summer of 1982. Sales increased by 65% following the release, which delighted the makers of Reese's Pieces. Executives at M & M's on the other hand were not amused. They denied Steven Spielberg's request to use their candy after the marketing department decided that having an alien stuffing his face with M & M's could reflect badly on the brand. Thus becoming one of the greatest marketing blunders in history. Manufacturers realized that featuring their product in a successful film could boost sales and cost less than traditional advertising. Typically, there are two basic types of agreements: 1.) product placement deals where a company has its product featured in a film, or 2) merchandising deals where the producer licenses the right to use names, characters and artwork to a manufacturer for spin-off products such as toys, clothing, novelizations and soundtrack albums. Please take a moment to enjoy this video from the folks over at JoBlo showcasing how product placement works... 

This brings us back to those FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS gym socks…


If you have a good or service you’d like to feature in the motion picture FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS (including promotion on our website and social media platforms) or maybe you have some cool artwork you’d like to sell on posters, clothing, key chains, patches, stickers, buttons, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to make this project a success, we want your product to be successful. We only ask that you play by the rules and keep everything legal… that means you take the first step and contact us!




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